Edge Modeling Publications

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How turbulence spreading improves power handling in quiescent high confinement fusion plasmas Z. Li, X. Chen, P.H. Diamond, X. Xu, X. Qin, H. Wang, F. Scotti, R. Hong, G. Yu, Z. Yan, F. Khabanov, G.R. McKee Communications Physics 7, 96 (2024)
Impact of triangularity on edge peeling–ballooning modes in H-mode plasmas Y. Zhang, Z. B. Guo, C. C. Qin, X. Q. Xu, Z. Y. Li, M. Xu Phys. Plasmas 31, 022110 (2024)
Theoretical and global simulation analysis of collisional microtearing modes K. Fan, X. Q. Xu, B. Zhu, C. Dong, T. Xia, Z. Li Phys. Plasmas 31, 052102 (2024)
Turbulence spreading effects on the ELM size and SOL width N. Li, X.Q. Xu, P.H. Diamond, Y.F. Wang, X. Lin, N. Yan, and G.S. Xu Journal of Plasma Physics 90, 905900117 (2024)
Two-stage crash process in resistive drift ballooning mode driven ELM crash H. Seto, X. Q. Xu, B. D. Dudson, M. Yagi Phys. Plasmas 31, 032513 (2024)
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2022 Review of Data-Driven Plasma Science R. Anirudh et al. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 51, 1750 (2023)
A BOUT++ extension for full annular tokamak edge MHD and turbulence simulations H. Seto, B.D. Dudson, X.-Q. Xu, and M. Yagi Computer Physics Communications 283, 108568 (2023)
Electromagnetic turbulence simulation of tokamak edge plasma dynamics and divertor heat load during thermal quench B. Zhu, X.-q. Xu, and X.-Z. Tang Nucl. Fusion 63, 086027 (2023)
How fluctuation intensity flux drives SOL expansion N. Li, X.Q. Xu, P.H. Diamond, T. Zhang, X. Liu, Y.F. Wang, N. Yan, and G.S. Xu Nucl. Fusion 63, 124005 (2023)
Title Author(s) Source
A new discovery of edge localized modes suppression using ICRH X.Q. Xu Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy 65, 235231 (2022)
Characteristics of grassy ELMs and their impact on the divertor heat flux width N. Li , X.Q. Xu, Y.F. Wang, N. Yan, J.Y. Zhang, J.P.Qian, J.Z. Sun and D.Z. Wang

Nucl. Fusion 62, 096030 (2022)

Data-driven model for divertor plasma detachment prediction B. Zhu, M. Zhao, H. Bhatia, X. Xu, P. Bremer, W. Meyer, N. Li and T. Rognlien

Plasma Phys. 88, 895880504 (2022) 10.1017/S002237782200085X

Dephasing and phase-locking: Dual role of radial electric field in edge MHD dynamics of toroidally confined plasmas Y. Zhang,  Z. B. Guo, P. H. Diamond, X. Q. Xu, Z. Y. Li,  and M. Xu Phys. Plasmas 29, 112101 (2022)
Edge-localized-mode simulation in CFETR steady-state scenario T.F. Tang, X.Q. Xu, G.Q. Li, J.L. Chen, V.S. Chan, T.Y. Xia, X. Gao, D.Z. Wang, and J.G. Li Nucl. Fusion 62, 016008 (2022)
Estimation of China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor performance and burning fraction in different pellet fueling scenarios by a multi-species radial transport model W. Lin, X. Wang, X. Xu, D. Kong, Y. Wang, J. Chen, Z. Wang, and C. Xiao Plasma Sci. Technol. 24, 055103 (2022)
Experimental and theoretical study of weakly coherent mode in I-mode edge plasmas in the EAST tokamak Z.X. Liu, Y.J. Liu, J.Y. Xiao, T.Y. Xia, Y.L. Li,, X.Q. Xu, M.Q. Wu, G.Q. Li, M.F. Wu, T. Zhang, X. Gao, X.Z. Gong, H.Q. Liu, Q. Zang, A.D. Liu, C. Zhou, T. Lan, H. Li, J.L. Xie, W.Z. Mao, and W.X. Ding Nucl. Fusion 62, 086029 (2022)
Fluid turbulence simulations of divertor heat load for ITER hybrid scenario using BOUT++ X. Wang , X. Xu , P.B. Snyder, and Z. Li Nucl. Fusion 62, 026024 (2022)
Kinetic Landau-fluid closures of non-Maxwellian distributions K. Fan, X. Xu, B. Zhu, and P. Li Physics of Plasmas 29, 042116 (2022)
Impact of pedestal density gradient and collisionality on ELM dynamics L. Nami, X.Q. Xu, Y.F. Wang, X. Lin, N. Yan, and G.S. Xu Phys. Plasmas 29, 122302 (2022)
Linear simulation of kinetic Peeling-Ballooning mode with bootstrap current under the BOUT++ gyro landau fluid code P.F. Li, X.Q. Xu, C.H. Ma, and P.B. Snyder Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 65 (2022)
Numerical modeling of pedestal stability and broadband turbulence of wide-pedestal QH-mode plasmas on DIII-D Z. Li, X. Chen, C.M. Muscatello, K.H. Burrell, X. Xu, B. Zhu, R. Hong, T.H. Osborne, B.A. Grierson, T.L. Rhodes, T.Y. Xia, G.R. McKee, Z. Yan, G. Yu, and DIII-D Team Nucl. Fusion 62, 076033 (2022)
Prediction of divertor heat flux width for ITER pre-fusion power operation using BOUT++ transport code X.X. He, X.Q. Xu, Z.Y. Li, B. Zhu, and Y. Liu Nucl. Fusion 62, 056003 (2022)
Simulation study of particle transport by weakly coherent mode in the Alcator C-Mod tokamak Y. Lang , X. Xu, Z. Guo, B. Li, X. Wang, T. Tang, and C. Dong Nucl. Fusion 62, 086018 (2022)
Title Author(s) Source
Asynchronous and Load-Balanced Union-Find for Distributed and Parallel Scientific Data Visualization and Analysis J. Xu, H. Guo, H.-W. Shen, M. Raj, X. Wang, X. Xu, Z. Wang, and T. Peterka IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 27, 2808 (2021)
Drift reduced Landau fluid model for magnetized plasma turbulence simulations in BOUT++ framework B. Zhu, H. Seto, X. Xu, and M. Yagi Computer Physics Communications 267, 108079 (2021)
Edge localized mode characteristics and divertor heat flux during stationary and transient phase for CFETR hybrid scenario  Z. Li, Y. Zhu, G. Xu, V.S. Chan, X. Xu, J. Chen, R. Ding, T. Xia, X. Jian, Y. Zou, C. Xiao, X. Wang, and CFETR physics team Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 63, 035006 (2021)
Effects of radial transport on divertor power and particle flux widths under different operational regimes in EAST G.Z. Deng, X.Q. Xu, X.J. Liu, J.C. Xu, L.Y. Meng, J.B. Liu, N.M. Li, L. Schmitz, S.L.Gao, Q.Q. Yang, Y. Ye, T.Y.Xia, S.C. Liu, T.F. Ming, G.S. Xu, X.D. Lin, G.Q. Li, X. Gao1, and L. Wang Nucl. Fusion 61, 106015 (2021)
Impact of plasma density/collisionality on divertor heat flux width N.M. Li, X.Q. Xu, R.J. Goldston, J.Z. Sun, and D.Z. Wang Nucl. Fusion 61, 026005 (2021)

Modeling of small tungsten dust grains in EAST tokamak with NDS-BOUT++

Z. Liu, R. Ding, X. Xu, N. Li, G. Deng,  J. Sun, D. Wang, and Y. Feng Phys. Plasmas 28, 122503 (2021)
Simulation of lithium transport using the BOUT++framework Y.M. Wang, X.Q. Xu, Z. Wang, N.M. Li, X.D. Yang, Z. Sun, T.Y. Xia, L. Zhang, Z.H. Wang, and X. Gao Computer Physics Communications 269, 108127 (2021)
Simulations of heat fluxes in an ELMy H-mode discharge on HL-2A X.X. He, T.Y. Xia,  Z.H. Wang, T.F. Tang, X.Q. Xu, J.M. Gao, Y.Q. Huang, Y.B. Wu, Z.C. Yang, and Y. Liu AIP Advances 11, 035334 (2021)
The role of edge plasma parameters in H-mode density limit on the JET-ILW H.J. Sun, R.J. Goldston, A. Huber, X.Q. Xu, J. Flanagan, D.C. McDonald, E. de la Luna, M. Maslov, J.R. Harrison, F. Militello, J. Fessey, S. Cramp, and JET Contributors Nuclear Fusion 61, 066009 (2021)
Title Author(s) Source
Achieving a robust grassy-ELM operation regime in CFETR Y.-R. Zhu, Z.-Y. Li, V.S. Chan, J.-L. Chen, X. Jian, B.D. Dudson, A.M. Garofalo, P.B. Snyder Nucl. Fusion 60, 046014 (2020)
Deep learning surrogate model for kinetic Landau-fluid closure with collision L. Wang, X.Q. Xu, B. Zhu, C. Ma, Y.-a. Lei AIP Advances 10, 075108 (2020)
Excitation of zonal flow by nonlinear geodesic acoustic mode H. Ren, X.Q. Xu Phys. Plasmas 27, 034501 (2020)
Identification of Plasma Current Center by Neural Network Inference in EAST Z. Zhu, J. Li, B. Xiao, X. Xu, F. Yang, Y. Guo IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 48, 54 (2020)
Impact of equilibrium radial electric field on energy loss process after pedestal collapse H. Seto, X.Q. Xu, B.D. Dudson, M. Yagi Contrib. Plasma Phys. 60, e201900158 (2020)
Global geodesic acoustic mode in an ideal magnetohydrodynamic tokamak plasma H. Ren, L. Wei, D. Zhang, X.Q. Xu Physics of Plasmas 27, 042504 (2020)
Modelling of nanometer scale dust grains in tokamak Z. Liu, X. Xiao, X. Xu, N. Li, T. Tang, D. Wang Contrib. Plasma Phys., e201900136 (2020)
Machine learning surrogate models for Landau fluid closure
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C. Ma, B. Zhu, X.-Q. Xu, W. Wang Physics of Plasmas 27, 042502 (2020)
Nonlinear simulation and energy analysis of the EAST coherent mode Y.Q. Huang, T.Y. Xia, X.Q. Xu, D.F. Kong, Y.M. Wang, Y. Ye, Z.H. Qian, Q. Zang, M.P. Wu, Y.Q. Chu, H.Q. Liu, B. Gui, X.T. Xiao, D.Z. Zhang Nucl. Fusion 60, 026014 (2020)
Simulation of divertor heat flux width on EAST by BOUT++transport code G.Z. Deng, X.Q. Xu, N.M. Li, X.J. Liu, X. Liu, J.C. Xu, W. Feng, J.B. Liu, S.L. Gao, S.C. Liu, T.Y. Xia, L. Wang Nuclear Fusion 60, 082007 (2020)
Simulations of divertor heat flux width using transport code with cross-field drifts under the BOUT++ framework N.M. Li, X.Q. Xu, J.W. Hughes, J.L. Terry, J.Z. Sun, and D.Z. Wang AIP Advances 10, 015222 (2020)
Simulation of EAST edge plasma using SOLPS-ITER/BOUT++ coupling D.R. Zhang, Y.P. Chen, X.Q. Xu, T.Y. Xia, S.C. Liu, and EAST team Nucl. Fusion 60, 106015 (2020)
Title Author(s) Source
Simulations of tokamak boundary plasma turbulence transport in setting the divertor heat flux width X.Q. Xu, N.M. Li, Z.Y. Li, B. Chen, T.Y. Xia, T.F. Tang, B. Zhu, and V.S. Chan Nucl. Fusion 59 (2019)
A Landau-fluid closure for arbitrary frequency response L. Wang, B. Zhu, X.Q. Xu, and B. Li AIP Advances 9, 015217 (2019)
BOUT++ nonlinear simulation for a comparative study with the measured 2D ELM structures in the KSTAR H-mode plasma M. Kim, H.K. Park, J. Lee, G.S. Yun, X.Q. Xu, and M. Bécoulet Physics of Plasmas 26, 052502 (2019)
DIII-D research towards establishing the scientific basis for future fusion reactors C.C. Petty and the DIII-D Team Nucl. Fusion 59, 112002 (2019)
E × B flow shear mitigates ballooning-driven edge-localized modes at high collisionality: experiment and simulation D.F. Kong, X.Q. Xu, P.H. Diamond, J.G. Chen, C.B. Huang, T. Lan, X. Gao, J.G. Li, and EAST Team Nucl. Fusion 59, 016016 (2019)
Edge state selection by modulating E × B shearing profile in toroidally confined plasmas Y. Zhang, Z.B. Guo, X.Q. Xu, and J.G. Chen Physics of Plasmas 26, 052508 (2019)
Electromagnetic effect on geodesic acoustic mode with adiabatic electrons W. Huang, H. Ren, and X.Q. Xu Physics of Plasmas 26, 022506 (2019)
Extension of Landau-fluid closure to weakly collisional plasma regime J.G. Chen, X.Q. Xu, and Y.A. Le Computer Physics Communications 236, 128 (2019)
Hollow pellet injection for magnetic fusion Z. Wang , M.A. Hoffbauer, E.M. Hollmann, Z. Sun, Y.M. Wang, N.W. Eidietis, J. Hu, R. Maingi, J.E. Menard, X.Q. Xu Nucl. Fusion 59, 086024 (2019)
Impurity Migration Pattern Simulated by Test Particle Module Under BOUT++ Framework X. Xiao, X. Xu, and B. Gui Commun. Comput. Phys. 26, 913 (2019)
Interplay between fluctuation driven toroidal axisymmetric flows and resistive ballooning mode turbulence H. Seto, X.Q. Xu, B.D. Dudson, and M. Yagi Physics of Plasmas 26, 052507 (2019)
Prediction of divertor heat flux width for ITER using BOUT++ transport and turbulence module Z.-Y. Li, X.Q. Xu, N.-M. Li, V.S. Chan, and X.-G. Wang Nucl. Fusion 59, 046014 (2019)
Promising high-confinement regime for steady-state fusion G.S. Xu, Q.Q. Yang, N. Yan, Y.F. Wang, X.Q. Xu, H.Y. Guo, R. Maingi, L. Wang, J.P. Qian, X.Z. Gong, V.S. Chan, T. Zhang, Q. Zang, Y.Y. Li, L. Zhang, G.H. Hu, and B.N. Wan Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 255001 (2019)
Recent advances in EAST physics experiments in support of steady-state operation for ITER and CFETR B.N. Wan, et al Nucl. Fusion 59, 112003 (2019)
Self-consistent simulation of transport and turbulence in tokamak edge plasma by coupling SOLPS-ITER and BOUT++ D.R. Zhang, Y.P. Chen, X.Q. Xu, and T.Y. Xia Phys. Plasmas 26, 012508 (2019)
Title Author(s) Source
Quasi-coherent mode simulation during inter-ELM period in HL-2A T.F. Tang, H. Shi, Z.H. Wang, W.L. Zhong, T.Y. Xia, X.Q. Xu, J.Z. Sun, and D.Z. Wang Physics of Plasmas 25, 122510 (2018)
Effect of Hyper-Resistivity on Nonlinear Tearing Modes W. Yang, D. Li, and X. Q. Xu Chin. Phys. Lett. 35, 6 (2018)
Linear analyses of peeling-ballooning modes in high beta pedestal plasmas C. K. Sun, X. Q. Xu, C. H. Ma, and B. Li Physics of Plasmas 25, 082106 (2018)
Impact of bootstrap current and Landau-fluid closure on ELM crashes and transport J. G. Chen, X. Q. Xu, C. H. Ma, and Y. A. Le Physics of Plasmas 25, 050701 (2018)
Progress towards modeling tokamak boundary plasma turbulence and understanding its role in setting divertor heat flux widths B. Chen, X. Q. Xu, T. Y. Xia, N. M. Li, M. Porkolab, E. Edlund, B. LaBombard, J. Terry, J. W. Hughes, M. Y. Ye, and Y. X. Wan Physics of Plasmas 25, 055905 (2018)
Calculation of the radial electric field with RF sheath boundary conditions in divertor geometry B. Gui, T. Y. Xia, X. Q. Xu, J.R. Myra, and X. T. Xiao Nucl. Fusion 58, 026027 (2018)
Calculation of two-dimension radial electric field in boundary plasmas by using BOUT++ N.M. Li, X.Q. Xu, T.D. Rognlien, B. Gui, J.Z. Sun, and D.Z. Wang Computer Physics Communications (2018)
Experimental study of heating scheme effect on the inner divertor power footprint widths in EAST lower single null discharges G.Z. Deng, J.C. Xu, X. Liu, X.J. Liu, J.B. Liu, H. Zhang, S.C. Liu, L. Chen, N. Yan, W. Feng, H. Liu, T.Y. Xia, B. Zhang, L.M. Shao, T.F. Ming , G.S. Xu, H.Y. Guo, X.Q. Xu, X. Gao, and L. Wang Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 60, 045001 (2018)
Ideal MHD stability and characteristics of edge localized modes on CFETR Ze-Yu Li, V.S. Chan, Yi-Ren Zhu, Xiang Jian, Jia-Le Chen, Shi-Kui Cheng, Ping Zhu, Xue-Qiao Xu, Tian-Yang Xia, Guo-Qiang Li, L.L. Lao, P.B. Snyder, Xiao-Gang Wang, and the CFETR Physics Team Nucl. Fusion 58, 016018 (2018)
Simulation of density fluctuations before the L-H transition for Hydrogen and Deuterium plasmas in the DIII-D tokamak using the BOUT++ code Y.M. Wang, X.Q. Xu, Z. Yan, G.R. Mckee, B.A. Grierson, T.Y. Xia, and X. Gao Nucl. Fusion 58, 026026 (2018)
Title Author(s) Source
Divertor heat flux simulations in ELMy H-mode discharges of EAST T.Y. Xia, X.Q. Xu, Y.B. Wu, Y.Q. Huang, L. Wang, Z. Zheng, J.B. Liu, Q. Zang, Y.Y. Li, D. Zhao and EAST Team Nucl. Fusion 57, 116016 (2017) (10pp)
Edge turbulence and divertor heat flux width simulations of Alcator C-Mod discharges using an electromagnetic two-fluid model B. Chen, X.Q. Xu, T.Y. Xia, M. Porkolab, E. Edlund, B. LaBombard, J. Terry, J.W. Hughes, S.F. Mao, M.Y. Ye and Y.X. Wan Nucl. Fusion 57, 116025 (2017) (14pp)
Global kinetic ballooning mode simulations in BOUT++ C.H. Ma and X.Q. Xu Nucl. Fusion 57, 016002 (2017)
Impact of E × B shear flow on low-n MHD instabilities J. G. Chen, X. Q. Xu, C. H. Ma, P. W. Xi, D. F. Kong, and Y. A. Lei Physics of Plasmas 24, 050704 (2017)
Physics and performance of the I-mode regime over an expanded operating space on Alcator C-Mod A.E. Hubbard, S.-G. Baek, D. Brunner, A.J. Creely, I. Cziegler, E. Edlund, J.W. Hughes, B. LaBombard, Y. Lin, Z. Liu, E.S. Marmar, M.L. Reinke, J.E. Rice, B. Sorbom, C. Sung, J. Terry, C. Theiler, E.A. Tolman, J.R. Walk, A.E. White, D. Whyte, S.M. Wolfe, S. Wukitch, X.Q. Xu, and the Alcator C-Mod team Nucl. Fusion 57, 126039 (2017)
Title Author(s) Source
Non-Ideal Ballooning Mode Instability with Real Electron Inertia Haruki SETO, Masatoshi YAGI, Nobuyuki AIBA, Akinobu MATSUYAMA, Benjamin D. DUDSON and Xueqiao XU Plasma and Fusion Research: Rapid Communications, Volume 11, 1203122 (2016)
Numerical investigation on lithium transport in the edge plasma of EAST real-time- Li-injection experiments in the frame of BOUT++ N.M. Li, J.Z. Sun, Z.H. Wang, X.Q. Xu, Z. Sun, L. Wang, J.S. Hu, D.Z. Wang Nuclear Materials and Energy, 000 (2016) 1–5
The physics mechanisms of the weakly coherent mode in the Alcator C-Mod Tokamak Z.X. Liu, X.Q. Xu, X. Gao, A.E. Hubbard, J.W. Hughes, J.R. Walk, C. Theiler, T.Y. Xia, S.G. Baek, T. Golfinopoulos, D. Whyte, T. Zhang, and J.G. Li, Physics of Plasmas 23, 12 (2016)
Investigations on the heat flux and impurity for the HL-2M divertor G.Y. Zheng, L.Z. Cai, X.R. Duan, X.Q. Xu, D.D. Ryutov, L.J. Cai, X. Liu, J.X. Li and Y.D. Pan, Nucl. Fusion 56, 126013 (2016)
Advanced divertor concept design and analysis for HL-2M G.Y. Zheng, X.Q. Xu, D.D. Ryutov, T.Y. Xia, X.R. Duan, H.D. He, Y.D. Pan, Fusion Eng. Des. 112, 450 (2016)
Analytical collisionless damping rate of geodesic acoustic mode H.Ren and X. Q. Xu Nucl. Fusion 56, 106008 (2016)
doi: http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/0029-5515/56/10/106008
In–out asymmetry of divertor particle flux in H-mode with edge localized modes on EAST J. B. Lui, H. Y. Guo, L. Wang, G. S. Xu, T. Y. Xia, S. C. Liu, X. Q. Xu, Jie Li, L. Chen, N. Yan, H. Q. Wang, J. C. Xu, W. Feng, L. M. Shao, G. Z. Deng, H. Liu and EAST Probe Team Nucl. Fusion 56, 066006 (2016)
doi: 10.1088/0029-5515/56/6/066006
Dynamics of intrinsic axial flows in unsheared, uniform magnetic fields J. C. Li, P. H. Diamond, X. Q. Xu, and G. R. Tynan Physics of Plasmas 23, 052311 (2016) doi: 10.1063/1.4950830
Toward integrated multi-scale pedestal simulations including edge-localized-mode dynamics, evolution of edge-localized-mode cycles, and continuous fluctuations X. Q. Xu, T. Y. Xia, N. Yan, Z. X. Liu, D. F. Kong, A. Diallo, R. J. Groebner, A. E. Hubbard and J. W. Hughes Physics of Plasmas 23, 055901 (2016) doi: 10.1063/1.4948283
Benchmark studies of the gyro-Landau-fluid code and gyro-kinetic codes on kinetic ballooning modes T. F. Tang, X. Q. Xu, C. H. Ma, E. M. Bass, C. Holland and J. Candy Phys. Plasmas 23, 032119 (2016)
Title Author(s) Source
BOUT++: Recent and current developments B.D. Dudson, A. Allen, G. Breyiannis, E. Brugger, J. Buchanan, L. Easy, S. Farley, I. Joseph, M. Kim, A.D. McGann, J.T. Omotani, M.V. Umansky, N.R. Walkden, T. Xia, and X.Q. Xu Journal of Plasma Physics 81, 365810104 (2015)
Effects of magnetic configuration on divertor power and particle deposition for long pulse operation in EAST H.Y. Guo, T.Y. Xia, S.C. Liu, H.Q. Wang, L. Wang, and X.Q. Xu Journal of Nuclear Materials 463, 528 (2015)
Nonlinear fluid simulation of particle and heat fluxes during burst of ELMs on DIII-D with BOUT++ code T. Y. Xia, and X. Q. Xu Nucl. Fusion 55, 113030 (2015)
Impact of inward turbulence spreading on energy loss of edge-localized modes C. H. Ma, X. Q. Xu, P. W. Xi, T. Y. Xia, P. B. Snyder and S. S. Kim Phys. Plasmas 22, 055903 (2015)
Flux-driven simulations of turbulence collapse G. Y. Park, S. S. Kim, Hogun Jhang, P. H. Diamond, T. Rhee and X. Q. Xu Phys. Plasmas 22, 032505 (2015)
A mechanism for magnetic field stochastization and energy release during an edge pedestal collapse T. Rhee, S.S. Kim, Hogun Jhang, G.Y. Park and R. Singh Nucl. Fusion 55 032004
Electromagnetic effects on dynamics of high-beta filamentary structures Wonjae Lee, Maxim V. Umansky, J. R. Angus and Sergei I. Krasheninnikov Phys. Plasmas 22, 012505
Impact of relative phase shift on inward turbulent spreading C. H. Ma, X. Q. Xu, P. W. Xi and T. Y. Xia Phys. Plasmas 22, 010702 (2015)
Comparisons between tokamak fueling of gas puffing and supersonic molecular beam injection in 2D simulations Y. L. Zhou, Z. H. Wang, X. Q. Xu, H. D. Li, H. Feng and W. G. Sun Phys. Plasmas 22, 012503 (2015)
Modelling of edge localised modes and edge localised mode control G. T. A. Huijsmans, C. S. Chang, N. Ferraro, L. Sugiyama, F. Waelbroeck, X. Q. Xu, A. Loarte, S. Futatani Phys. Plasmas 22, 021805 (2015)
Title Author(s) Source
Impact of the pedestal plasma density on dynamics of edge localized mode crashes and energy loss scaling X. Q. Xu, J. F. Ma, G. Q. Li Phys. Plasmas 21, 120704 (2014)
Simulation of peeling-ballooning modes with pellet injection S. Y. Chen, J. Huang, T. T. Sun, Z. H. Wang and C. J. Tang Phys. Plasmas 21, 112512 (2014)
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Magnetic configuration flexibility of snowflake divertor for HL-2M G.Y. Zheng, X.Q. Xu, D.D. Ryutov, Y.D. Pan, T.Y. Xia Fusion Engineering and Design 54 093004
Comparison of measured 2D ELMs with synthetic images from BOUT++ simulation in KSTAR M. Kim, M. Kim, M.J. Choi, J. Lee, G.S. Yun, W. Lee, H.K. Park, C.W. Domier, N.C. Luhmann Jr, X.Q. Xu and the KSTAR Team Nucl. Fusion 54 093004
New Edge Coherent Mode Providing Continuous Transport in Long-Pulse H-mode Plasmas H. Q. Wang, G. S. Xu, B. N. Wan, S. Y. Ding, H. Y. Guo, L. M. Shao, S. C. Liu, X. Q. Xu, E. Wang, N. Yan, V. Naulin, A. H. Nielsen, J. Juul Rasmussen, J. Candy, R. Bravenec, Y.W. Sun, T. H. Shi, Y. F. Liang, R. Chen, W. Zhang, L. Wang, L. Chen, N. Zhao, Y. L. Li, Y. L. Liu, G. H. Hu, and X. Z. Gong Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 185004
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